Teaching Your Children About the Dentist
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Teaching Your Children About the Dentist

I work as a clerical assistant in a pediatric dental office, and I am commonly surprised by the number of children who are scared of the dentist. Many kids think that cleanings will be painful, and they believe they will be scolded for eating sugary foods. Children are also extremely frightful of the noises made by the water spraying tools and the suction devices. As adults, we know that dental cleanings are easy and free of pain. We need to impart this knowledge to our children so they know not to fear the dentist. I have provided blogs that will help you speak with your child about dental care. Good communication, trips to your own dentist, and online videos can assist you. So will good brushing techniques that will make your child proud to see the dentist. Enjoy my articles so you can help your child build oral care confidence.


Teaching Your Children About the Dentist

  • How To Handle Your Child's First Dental Appointment

    13 January 2015

    It seems that there are two types of people today: there are those who enjoy a visit to the dentist, or at the very least have no fear of it, and those who dread the dentist. In order to ensure that your child does not fear dental visits, there are things that you can do early on. The first thing you can do is to take your child to the dentist at a very young age.

  • DIY: A Tooth-Friendly Chewing Gum Recipe For Your Family

    5 January 2015

    Making sure that your family has a healthy smile is both you and your dentist's job. You are probably making wise food choices, but have you thought about the chewing gum that you buy? Some chewing gum companies use preservatives that can harm your teeth. The following is a natural and simple gum recipe that should help improve your family's oral health: What's So Tooth-Friendly About This Gum? The secret within this oral-enhancing gum lies in its ingredients, like cinnamon.