Teaching Your Children About the Dentist
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Teaching Your Children About the Dentist

I work as a clerical assistant in a pediatric dental office, and I am commonly surprised by the number of children who are scared of the dentist. Many kids think that cleanings will be painful, and they believe they will be scolded for eating sugary foods. Children are also extremely frightful of the noises made by the water spraying tools and the suction devices. As adults, we know that dental cleanings are easy and free of pain. We need to impart this knowledge to our children so they know not to fear the dentist. I have provided blogs that will help you speak with your child about dental care. Good communication, trips to your own dentist, and online videos can assist you. So will good brushing techniques that will make your child proud to see the dentist. Enjoy my articles so you can help your child build oral care confidence.


Teaching Your Children About the Dentist

  • 5 Reasons To Choose Porcelain Veneers Over Composite Veneers

    28 October 2020

    Two of the most effective cosmetic treatments in cosmetic dentistry are composite veneers and porcelain veneers. Both of these treatments can cover up imperfections, and both can provide some stability to teeth weakened by wear and tear. But when it comes to durability, attractiveness, and longevity, there is only one winner — porcelain veneers. Here are five good reasons to choose porcelain veneers over composite veneers. 1. Composite Veneers Are Weaker