Teaching Your Children About the Dentist
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Teaching Your Children About the Dentist

I work as a clerical assistant in a pediatric dental office, and I am commonly surprised by the number of children who are scared of the dentist. Many kids think that cleanings will be painful, and they believe they will be scolded for eating sugary foods. Children are also extremely frightful of the noises made by the water spraying tools and the suction devices. As adults, we know that dental cleanings are easy and free of pain. We need to impart this knowledge to our children so they know not to fear the dentist. I have provided blogs that will help you speak with your child about dental care. Good communication, trips to your own dentist, and online videos can assist you. So will good brushing techniques that will make your child proud to see the dentist. Enjoy my articles so you can help your child build oral care confidence.


Teaching Your Children About the Dentist

  • 4 Tips For Dealing With Dental Anxiety

    10 February 2023

    Do you not enjoy going to the dentist due to anxiety, which can even cause you to not want to go to the dentist at all? Dental anxiety is a condition that many people deal with, and it should not stop you from getting regular dental checkups and cleanings. Here are some tips to help you deal with dental anxiety. Talk To Your Dentist It is crucial that you talk to your dentist about your dental anxiety.

  • Additional Procedures A Pediatric Dentist May Recommend For Your Child

    9 January 2023

    It's a good idea for kids to see a pediatric dentist for routine checkups and cleanings. Many dentists recommend beginning this care as soon as a child gets their first teeth. At the average appointment, the dentist and their team will clean your child's teeth and look them over for any abnormalities. But sometimes, they may also recommend one or more of the following treatments or procedures. Fluoride Treatments Fluoride is a mineral found in many plant foods.

  • What Happens When You Get Dental Veneers?

    30 November 2022

    Have you heard about dental veneers as a way to fix cosmetic problems with your teeth, but do not know much about them? If so, you will definitely have some questions about dental veneers so that you can completely understand the process.  Do Dental Veneers Cover The Entire Tooth?  It is important to know that dental veneers are custom-made for your teeth and are designed to only cover the front surfaces and edges of your teeth.

  • Key Measures To Take For Making Dental Implants Really Last

    25 October 2022

    A dental implant is something you can get if you ever lose an adult tooth. As long as you follow these actions after this procedure is performed by a licensed dentist, you'll have no trouble getting many years out of an implant. Make Sure You Have Enough Jawbone Before you have dental implants put in, make sure you have enough jawbone to begin with. You need enough of it because this is what the implant will be secured into before a prosthetic tooth is placed on top of the implant.

  • Invisible Braces – Is It For You?

    22 September 2022

    Whether you're looking into invisible braces for yourself or a loved one, you probably have lots of questions about the process. Will it work for you? Will it hurt? How do you take care of your teeth and the aligners? Here, you'll find the answers to these questions to give you some insight if this is the dental alignment process suitable for you and your lifestyle. Will it work for you?