Teaching Your Children About the Dentist
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Teaching Your Children About the Dentist

I work as a clerical assistant in a pediatric dental office, and I am commonly surprised by the number of children who are scared of the dentist. Many kids think that cleanings will be painful, and they believe they will be scolded for eating sugary foods. Children are also extremely frightful of the noises made by the water spraying tools and the suction devices. As adults, we know that dental cleanings are easy and free of pain. We need to impart this knowledge to our children so they know not to fear the dentist. I have provided blogs that will help you speak with your child about dental care. Good communication, trips to your own dentist, and online videos can assist you. So will good brushing techniques that will make your child proud to see the dentist. Enjoy my articles so you can help your child build oral care confidence.


Teaching Your Children About the Dentist

Properly Caring For Your Braces Is Important

Alfred Kelley

Many people do not realize how important it is to have their braces well maintained. Many people assume that once the braces are on their teeth, they will fix the alignment of their teeth without any upkeep at all. That is not the case though. Use the following guide to learn a few things about properly maintaining your braces to ensure that you are able to get the straightest smile possible.

Have the Braces Tightened

Your braces are designed to realign your teeth by moving them from one position to another over time. In order for the braces to work effectively, you must have them tightened every few weeks. If you do not have your braces tightened, the placement of your teeth will only adjust so much and you will not get the smile that you want.

Wear Your Rubber Bands

Rubber bands are often used in orthodontics to correct someone's bite. If you have an overbite, the rubber bands help to close the gap between your teeth to give you a straighter smile. If you do not wear the rubber bands, your teeth may become straighter, but your overbite will not be corrected as well as it would be if you wore your rubber bands. The rubber bands can be a bit painful to wear because they feel as though they are really pulling your teeth, but it is a necessary tenderness to get the results you want.

Have the Braces Cleaned

Food and gunk can get stuck on your braces overtime. While it may appear that you have gotten everything off of them when you brush, there is still a good chance that there is some residue left behind. Residue left on your braces can cause your teeth to develop cavities. When you go to the orthodontist, he or she will inspect your smile to see if there is anything that needs to be cleaned from your teeth at each visit. This will ensure that your teeth are kept as healthy as possible during the alignment process.

Braces can be quite an expensive investment so you want to be sure that you are able to get them off of your teeth as soon as possible. Proper maintenance is the only way that you can be sure that your teeth are aligned the right way in the shortest amount of time possible. If you neglect your braces, they could cause more harm than good to your teeth and leave you with a smile that is not nearly as beautiful as it could be. Talk to a professional like Virgin Valley Dental for more information.